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Maki Mannami is an international music composer, sound designer, songwriter and vocalist. Born in Osaka, Japan, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 
As a music composer, Maki has composed music for major companies such as SONY, Google, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, HONDA, "Gran Turismo" series by Play Station 3, FIFA World Cup, Panasonic, and FRED PERRY. She has also composed soundtracks for a variety of independent films, one of which received an award from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Mannami prides herself in her ability to arrange and program orchestral scores using MIDI, along with her vocal and piano, and ability to manipulate sounds in unconventional ways.  
Maki has released three full-length albums and one EP as a singer-songwriter in England and Japan. Her first album, Journey Of Higher Self Liberation, charted No. 1 in the album category on the iTunes Japan Music Charts. BBC Radio reviewed her EP, Justice and Judgment, commending her voice as "The voice from heaven.”

She has collaborated with top jazz musicians like Nicola Conte, and her songs have been played by popular DJs, including Giles Perterson – a renowned DJ in the European Jazz scene. Mannami’s work has been featured in a variety of compilation albums that have been released in Germany and Italy. She also has experience touring throughout England and France. 
Maki has performed at a handful of prestigious venues including: The Royal Opera House – England’s largest opera theater, ICA – the biggest art center in London, Motion Blue – a Blue Note sponsored night club, and Club Ikspiari – a Disney-affiliated venue in Japan. Mannami has a unique style, combining elements of jazz, electronica, world music, and classical. Her vocal range can extend four octaves, making her an incredibly rare and exceptional singer. 
As a vocalist and choir member, Maki has performed at a Tokyo Collection, fashion show and her vocal has been used in commercials for SONY and Nestle. Her voice was also featured in the theme song for a TV show, Tokyo Eye, which premiered on NHK WORLD. She has also contributed to a number of studio albums and live performances for many bands and artists. 
Mannami has always enjoyed the arts. Growing up, she took lessons in piano, drums, voice and dance. At age 19, she dropped out of Osaka Art University for Performing Arts and moved to New York to study musical theater on Broadway. While she was there she performed in an Off-Broadway theater as a chorus dancer, sang jazz in a cabaret group, and performed gospel music at an African American church.

Maki has also performed as a backup dancer in Vincent Gallo's concert in Japan and as a solo dancer in the biggest night club in Frankfurt, Germany Cocoon Club.

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